In 2000, I had just returned from a Dale Carnegie convention and was on deck to present a 10 minute talk to the networking group at the Greensboro Merchants Association.   I had been a member of this group for over one year representing a healthcare consulting firm and was super comfortable speaking about the type of consulting services our firm offered.  However, NOW I was terrified because I was presenting on a new topic as a Dale Carnegie sales representative and my manager was sitting in the room.  Half-way through my talk, I could feel my legs shaking and my voice was trembling.  I looked over at my manager and he whispered slowly, BREATHE.  If I had kept up my pace a few more minutes, I may have hyperventilated.  It’s a good thing I did not let that experience define my abilities, because I’ve spent the last 20 years helping professionals unlock their potential with coaching, training and development in communication, human relations, leadership and team dynamics.

Three years ago, a company asked me to work with a team of 12 executives to develop a four hour public speaking course.  The goal was to create the course with a training manual, teach the course to a group of instructors and develop an instructor manual so  the program could be delivered to over 200 employees over the course of one year. It was one of the most challenging projects I have ever had in my career.  It was also one of the most rewarding.

A few months later, a former client called and said, “we need help with communications and public speaking.” I asked, “Can I build a two day program so people can work one on one with a speaking coach?” Thankfully, he agreed and we taught the class to three different groups over the next year.  I was so excited to hear that some of the participants had received promotions because of their improved ability to communicate and lead others.  Watching people’s confidence develop and ability to take risks to learn and grow was truly inspiring.  At the end of the class, I would share three key qualities that I observed in each person during the training experience and why that was valuable.  One gentleman started to cry when I shared the feedback prior to giving him a certificate.  He said, “Merikay, no one has ever shared anything like that to me in my 40 year career.” Then I started to cry.  Yep, those that know me best know I’m known for wearing my heart on my sleeve.

I’m super excited to share that the two day program was videotaped to help future instructors and we have edited the footage for release as a self study program.  You will receive two private YouTube links, a participant manual and resource guide.  Students can also add one-on-one coaching sessions with me for additional learning and development.  Order the program during the month of July and you will receive a complimentary coaching session with me. Yep, doesn’t that sound super fun?!  Let today be your day of new beginnings as a public (virtual) speaker! Be a catalyst for change in your communications.   Order Now!