Last Wednesday night, I visited my sister in Apex, NC who has spent weeks packing, donating, sorting, crying, celebrating, and praying because she is moving from her home after 20 plus years. Her husband died six months ago and she has taken a sabbatical from her hospice nursing career to move, grieve, refresh and restart her life. Change can be very difficult for people.

Even at work, when a new technology, process, organization chart, responsibility, role, co-worker, etc. is introduced there are four profiles I have experienced over the years of people dealing with change.

Profile One: ON FIRE, these folks LOVE change, they are energized by it, the more the better, they like a variety of change day to day.

Profile Two: MICROSCOPE, this profile is the data gatherer of the bunch, not-change averse, they just want information to analyze, case studies, examples to evaluate, and more information.

Profile Three: WALL: People in the wall category are in complete denial that change is happening or that change is needed.

Profile Four: RUNNER: Scared as hell of change, would rather leave the organization or hide in their office or resist at all levels because change creates a tremendous amount of fear and anxiety.

I was talking to a soccer mom last night who is an executive for one of the largest employers here in Greensboro. She shared that she had to go on medication because she was experiencing extreme anxiety. I asked what was causing the anxiety and she shared, “I just get really upset when things happen out of my control.” I asked her if she ever thought about trying essential oils and she had not. The reason I bring this up is twofold. There are TONS of things we can’t control at work or at home and change is constant, it won’t go away. What can change is our response to the change or anxiety. It also involves our mindset and how much energy, focus and time we are willing to give.

As you move forward at work and home, give yourself and others grace as they deal with change, seek to understand that people deal with change differently. When I launch my day at my desk, I put three essential oils on and have done this for several years. Clarity on my temples, Valor on my neck and Stress Away on my shoulders. This triple dose provides me with peace & calming (one of my other favorite essential oils) and gets my focus where it needs to be.

If you want to learn more about essential oils, send me an email and I’ll share a link. Also, if your organization is interested in a lunch and learn program on Maintaining Positivity in Times of Significant Change, reach out to me.

Blessings, be a catalyst for change in your mindset and #MakeEveryDayCount.