Executive Coaching for Success

Professionals with a growth mindset who are willing to learn and be open to change increase their capacity to achieve their goals. Partnering with a coach in a supportive, encouraging and accountable environment increases one’s ability to solve problems and expand their skill set.

Our coaching service is a one-to-one relationship designed to facilitate a leader’s professional and personal growth resulting in expanded ways to utilize existing skills and talents. Our practice is centered on Merikay’s trademarked Catalyst Methodology® to help clients identify their purpose, improve communication dynamics, learn soft skill processes, create meaningful relationships, and assess professional performance.

In an executive coaching engagement we are sounding boards for leaders, often reflecting the gaps between a leader’s intentions and their actions. Our approach draws on extensive experience in professional development, human relations, communication skills, leadership ability, organizational development, problem solving and cognitive thinking.

Contact merikay@coachmkay.com to schedule a complimentary 20 minute coaching call today to explore how you can unleash your potential and create transformational change.

Coach MKay Programs

Physician & Dentist Coaching

Interested in improving your patient satisfaction scores or your ability to lead your team effectively? Merikay partners with you and your group to share best practices in patient satisfaction and enhance your ability to connect with the patient on an emotional level.

Move beyond clinical care and treating symptoms, to treating the patient as a person. Incorporate human relation principles, communication strategies and an increased awareness to improve your ability to deliver an exceptional patient experience. Take your leadership to the next level of performance, reduce stress, get buy-in to change and inspire the unmotivated to become motivated!

Vijay Gandla, MD, SFHM, FACP, CPE
Vijay Gandla, MD, SFHM, FACP, CPEMedical Director, Regional Physicians Hospital Medicine
“I was fascinated by Merikay’s unique personality. She is very passionate, incredibly personable, has vast knowledge and skills in the area of personal relations which are key in improving the Doctors ability to communicate effectively with their patients, facilitating a deeper emotional connection to the patients in a relatively ‘short’ period of time, (which is key for Hospitalists). She is able to capture their perceptions which are pivotal in taking the patient experience to a whole new level. Undoubtedly, Merikay is a strong asset in the patient experience / patient relations / MD Coaching program.”