Why do meeting planners choose Merikay?

Professionalism, Follow-Through & Raving Reviews





“She made me feel motivated!”

“I feel inspired and empowered to be a catalyst.”

“She was one of the better speakers I have ever seen!”

Choose from the following programs to customize
a keynote, workshop or webinar for your group.

Create Catalysts for Change

  • Understand Four Change Profiles to Improve Work Performance
  • Elevate Business Strategy Using the Catalyst Methodology
  • Embrace 7 Principles to Move People to Action

Stepping Stones to Success

  • Learn Proven Strategies to Improve Relationships
  • Elevate your Focus to Impact Business
  • Develop a Growth Mindset to Achieve Your Vision

Transform the Patient Experience

  • Re-Calibrate to Understand the Patient’s Perspective
  • Connect on the Heart Level through Human Relations
  • Identify Communication Roadblocks to Impact Care

SHIFT Happens

  • Build Courage to Quit Procrastinating
  • Create the Mindset of a Champion
  • Learn How to Overcome Obstacles

The Power of High Performance Teams

  • Discover Successful Traits of High Performers
  • Identify Strategies to Elevate Accountability
  • Learn How to Coach for Performance

360 Degree Leadership Principles

  • Improve your People Skills to Create Followership
  • Understand the Power of Appreciation
  • Let Go of Terminally Unique People & Toxic Activities

All programs can be customized based on learning objectives. Choose from 1-3 hours, 1/2 day or full day.

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