Have you ever taken on more than your fair share of workload because you struggle setting boundaries?  Have you ever said “yes” to things you wish you would have said “no” to because in the end it created more stress in your life?  We’ve all experienced times when we overload our schedule and the holiday season can be one of them.


In the book, Set Boundaries, Find Peace by Nedra Glover Tanwab she shares valuable ways to communicate boundaries.

In Current Relationships

-Identify the areas in which you need limits.

-State your needs clearly.

-Don’t explain yourself or provide a detailed story about what’s behind your request.

-Be consistent in upholding your boundaries.

-Restate your needs when necessary.


In New Relationships

-Mention what you want casually in conversations as you’re getting to know people.

-Have an open discussion about why having your needs met is important to you.

-Be clear about your expectations.

-The first time someone violates your boundaries, let them know that a violation occurred.

-Restate your needs.


Yesterday, one of my colleagues said, “My time is not mine.” In my heart, I wondered how setting better boundaries by saying “no” to certain things and saying “yes” to less stress, more self-care, delegation, asking for help, reduced activities and increased down-time might help dealing with the work pressure and holiday craziness that can occur.  Better boundaries might be the ticket to less frustration and more harmony at work and at home to help you make every day count!