We’ve all watched the news, read the paper, and listened to the radio. The words we focus on become the focus of our thoughts. Corona Crisis vs. Corona Virus, Pandemic vs. Panic, Fear vs. Facts, Denial vs. Deliberate, Safety vs. Sanity. These are a few words that come to my mind, as I think of all the emotions that have run through my spirit and the events that have taken place over the last several days.

One of the blessings I discovered was the importance of mindset in a time of unknown and that unknown brings opportunity. This is tax season for several of my colleagues in the National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants and I wanted to share some encouragement and sent the following email to each member:

Subject Line: NSCHBC Rocks // Top of Mind // COACH MKay

SPECIAL REPORT: Top 10 Top Things to Keep Top of Mind During this Historic Time and Your AMAZING TAX SEASON – by COACH MKay

FAITH is top of mind to those that are FAITHFUL.
PEACE is top of mind to those that are PEACEFUL.
COURAGE is top of mind to those that are COURAGEOUS.
VALUE is top of mind to those that are VALUABLE.
LEAD is top of mind to those that are LEADERS.
LOVE is top of mind to those that are LOVERS.
FRIEND is top of mind to those that are FRIENDLY.
GIVE is top of mind to those that are GIVERS.
HELP is top of mind to those that are HELPERS.
SERVE is top of mind to those that are SERVANTS.

So have faith, be at peace, show courage, give to others, lead yourself, be a friend, give to others, help those in need and serve with your whole heart.

Be a catalyst for change and do people really need 12 packages of toilet paper? Thank God my parents from West Virginia taught me the value of a Sears Robuck Catalog.

Blessings and make it a great day!


The proper mindset during the unknown can also lead to opportunity. In the past three weeks I had four speaking engagements cancel. The possibility of rescheduling for the future exists, however, I learned early in my career from my first manager with Dale Carnegie, “It’s not a done deal until the check clears.” Here’s the thing, if this situation took place when I was 24 instead of 54 it would have been a very different ballgame. I was a young mom with a child in day care, making $12/hour as a dental assistant and working paycheck to paycheck. This situation has created choices. Choices to choose fear or focus, panic or priorities, and denial or deliberate. This situation has also created opportunities for people to be creative, take risks and do things differently.

Professionally, I’m learning how to teach virtually, conducting coaching meetings via Zoom and embracing the time to update my website, youtube channel, and reading two business books. Personally, I’m cooking new recipes, watching movies with my daughter Emma Freda, learning how to garden and cleaning closets (well, not yet). I’m also trying to embrace this season to focus on my health, my kids, family and good friends. I’m learning that sometimes in the midst of chaos a bright idea may bring you inspiration and create success.

Napolean Hill said, “The turning point in the lives of those who succeed usually comes at the moment of some crisis, through which they are introduced to their ‘other’ selves. Beethoven was deaf, Milton was blind, but their names will last as long as time endures because they dreamed and translated their dreams into organized thoughts.” Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill.

Thoughts…be a catalyst for change and choose your thoughts wisely, be safe and stay well.