• Have you ever wanted to make a big change in your life or career? This book, My Year On the Inside, explores Merikay’s journey to transform an organization as Director of Patient and Family Experience for a hospital in North Carolina. As a former adjunct chaplain, business owner and consultant Merikay jumped in with both feet and didn’t look back. | She had no clue the twists, turns, heartaches and heartwarming stories that would emerge from her 18 month journey or the impact it would have on others. In this book, explore simple, yet strategic best practices for getting buy in to change and creating a culture shift. She shares principles for developing leadership, creating powerful teams and delivering an exceptional customer experience. These principles are full of inspiration and hope to improve personal achievement and the business environment. If you are ready to be a catalyst for change, Merikay’s insight and wisdom will help you along the path.
  • You will receive two private YouTube links, a participant manual and resource guide.  Students can also add one-on-one coaching sessions with me for additional learning and development.
  • Presenting with Influence Virtual Webinar In these times of significant change, it is vital to stay connected to clients, students, patients, family, friends, or future business partners. In this engaging, informative webinar you will learn 1-Best practices to communicate and present with influence in a virtual environment. 2-Understand four change dynamics to connect with your audience in a more meaningful way. 3- Identify key areas to assess your communication and presenting abilities with the catalyst methodology. 4-Learn a story telling template to inspire your audience to take action.
  • Gain insights from Merikay Tillman and eleven other notable experts.as they share strategies for mastering Business, Life and Relationships. Merikay Tillman, speaker and professional coach, has been invited to be featured in Stepping Stones to Success, a highly successful book series. Tillman, Canfield, Chopra & Waitley are joined by other well known authors and speakers, each offering time-tested strategies for success in frank and intimate interviews. Downloadable Ebook for Kindle, Apple iBooks, Nook, Kindle,Kobo and other eReaders.
  • Inspire your team to shift their mindset in the face of adversity to improve performance. 10 Minute Video. What's Included: Video - MP4
  • Read by the Author, Merikay shares 99 principles to conquer stress in your personal & professional life. What's Included: Video - MP4
  • Explore 8 key life areas to change your focus, set your priorities and achieve better life balance. What's Included: Video Download / MP4 Download Audio / MP3 Download


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