Six months ago, my colleague and friend, John, met for dinner in Greensboro, NC to discuss how his company was being purchased and the impact that was having on team mindset, morale and motivation. Corporate change can create new levels of competition, resentment and worry in the heart and mind. Will my quota requirements change, will I have a position once the acquisition occurs, will my compensation change, will I report to someone different? These are all questions that may arise during ownership transition.

What I didn’t expect was for my friend to share his desire to pursue ministry full time. John and I met when I was working as Director of Patient and Family Experience in a hospital. I had stopped by to visit the Director of Billing and Finance to discuss a leadership class we were planning for her team and she introduced me to John. We instantly hit it off because of his inviting smile, exuberance for life and down to earth nature. Over the years, John has invited me to speak at several association meetings, state conferences, on-site for corporate events and as a guest on his patient experience pod cast.

I always enjoy when we speak by phone, reading his daily blog or breaking bread together. As we explored options during dinner, it was moving to hear the passion he had for following a spiritual path in his next career adventure. I served for three years as a volunteer adjunct hospital chaplain, a meaningful post that helped me grow and learn personally and professionally. I could relate to the importance of incorporating spirituality in the work world. Conversations CAN change careers.

Several months later, John shared with me that the new owner asked John if he would transition his role in the new year to Corporate Chaplain. WOW! I almost cried – I was so excited for my friend. Last week, I spoke at a winter meeting for the National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants. The program was called Coaching for Consultants and I gave a shout out to one of the new members in our group. His name is Scott, from St. Louis and six months earlier, we sat in a lunch meeting at an NSCHBC conference, getting acquainted and looked at each other thinking, we’ve met before…

The next day, I had an “AHA” moment and realized we actually had met seven years earlier at the AADOM (American Association Dental Office Managers) meeting in San Diego. It was only my second keynote speaking event for over 1,000 people and I was super nervous and thrilled to be attending. Several people met the following day by the water to walk around the bay and Scott and I ended up walking and talking. He shared his background as an administrator for an oral surgery group and interest in consulting. I encouraged him to check out NSCHBC and talked about my healthcare consulting journey over the years. Scott now runs his own firm in St. Louis and I can’t wait to explore how we can work together in the future.

Conversations CAN change careers. I have another friend, Karen who decided 2020 would be her year she leaves her corporate CFO healthcare position to pursue a career as a speaker and consultant. Karen was the reason I joined a healthcare consulting firm in 2003, she gave me the confidence that I didn’t really have in myself at the time. Thank you John, Scott and Karen for being in my life and being willing to have meaningful, open, trusting conversations. Congrats to each of you and I know you all will #MakeEveryDayCount. Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Contact to see how I can help you or your team.