Have you ever thought?

I wish the people problems would fix themselves?
If only people would communicate more effectively?
Why does our team work in silos and have conflict?
We aren’t changing… I give up, it’s not worth it!

Breakthrough to new heights in professional and personal performance with Merikay Tillman’s keynote programs, team seminars and executive coaching.  As an activator, developer and relator – Merikay’s goal is to Create Catalysts for Change and help individuals and organizations build strong connections, elevate team/business results and improve the patient/customer experience. Her professional development programs are engaging, entertaining and energetic.

The Methodology in COACH MKay’s Catalyst for Change Model:
Know your Passion, Work with Purpose, Maximize the People, Generate the Performance, Communicate through each area to launch your organization to the next level.  Say “NO” to mediocrity and “YES” to Excellence!

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Merikay Tillman, MS
Merikay H. Tillman, M.S., Founder & CEO of COACH MKay Companies, LLC is dedicated to your success. She is an award winning national speaker, healthcare consultant and executive coach. Merikay received her B.S. degree from  the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and earned a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Counseling in 2000.  She also served as a former adjunct chaplain,  multicourse certified Dale Carnegie® instructor, and  Director of Patient and Family Experience.

She has spoken to over 1,000 audiences and customizes all keynote programs, professional development and executive/physician coaching.

Why Partner With Merikay?  Professionalism. Follow-through. Raving Reviews.