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The Catalyst for Change Model Methodology

Communication is the catalyst for creating meaningful change that has Purpose, strengthens People, improves Process, and boosts Performance


The purpose is the ‘why’ factor including belief in the goal, objective, mission, or vision.


The people are the foundational asset that change, create, deliver & drive organizational results.


The process is the critical formula, path, route or sequence toward excellence in business, life & relationships.


The performance shows financial results and opportunities to acknowledge, appreciate, celebrate, coach, innovate, & improve.

Clients Love CoachMkay, Let’s See What Some Have To Say?

Merikay is trusted by organizations and individuals throughout North America for her speaking and consulting.

Merikay is a fantastic facilitator for leadership initiatives. She has high energy and enthusiasm along with experience and insight. It is a pleasure to participate in her program.
Greg Taylor M.D., Chief Operations Officer , High Point Regional Health Systems
Merikay is a highly knowledgeable professional speaker that always leaves her audience energized and motivated to succeed. Merikay has the gift of teaching people to be the best they can be and her genuine enthusiasm is contagious.
Larry Diana, Express Employment Professionals
Your leadership during the physician retreat was key in helping them take the next step to move forward in a competitive environment. Judging by their reaction, I believe they rated it a solid 10!
Healthcare Management Consultant, Orlando, FL

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30 Years Later

Have you been to one of your high school reunions? This past weekend over

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30 Years Later

Have you been to one of your high school reunions? This past weekend over 100 graduates of Page High School in Greensboro, NC gathered together for a fun-filled weekend. How can people, some of which

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How do You Define Leadership?

Are you leading your team by saying, “Go!!!” which is defined as a BOSS…. Or are you leading your team by saying, “Let’s Go!!!” which is defined as a LEADER….
Have you ever asked yourself, “What qualities

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Teach Our Children, Teach Our Self

On my weekly stroll through the Facebook posts, an article was shared, “5 Basic Skills We’re Forgetting to Teach Our Children” ( As I reflected on these: Grit, Adaptability, Curiosity, Self-awareness, Meaning – I was